Colorado Day- an Opportunity to Celebrate

Opportunity to Celebrate

Colorado Day is a great opportunity for residents and visitors alike to have fun and experience new things- whether it is food and drinks, fun times with friends and family, or experiencing recreational marijuana for the first time. Since the state legalized the use of recreational cannabis in 2012, many come to the state for that reason. One of the most popular days for cannabis use in the state, especially by visitors from out of state, is Colorado Day.

History of Colorado Day

On August 1, 1876, president Ulysses S. Grant signed a deal letting Colorado be a state. Colorado Day was a state holiday recognized on Aug 1st for years until it was later moved to the first Monday in August when U.S. Congress passed the Uniform Holidays Bill in 1968. The day also was no longer seen as a public holiday, but rather an observance, once Martin Luther King Jr. Day was declared a public holiday in 1985. Businesses throughout the state still hold normal business hours on Colorado Day, giving residents and visitors alike plenty of ways to take advantage of great deals, events, celebrations, and unique offerings that only occur on this special day. Additionally, most public offices, schools and colleges are open except for if the date falls on a non-working day. There is still plenty for people to do that day and even in the days leading up to and the days following this special day.

Ways People Celebrate Colorado Day

* Concerts – there are usually several great concerts offered in the days surrounding Colorado Day. They are a great opportunity to celebrate with friends, enjoy live music, and amazing food and drink. These concerts are a great way to unwind after a busy day and celebrate the great state of Colorado. Chances are you can easily find something for any music taste or inkling you have.

* Community Events – many businesses and public buildings have great specials and deals for Colorado Day. Many local communities also have special celebrations, educational vents, and other events centered around the thing Colorado has become famous for- legalized recreational cannabis. These events are aimed at helping everyone have a safe and fun time celebrating Colorado Day.

* Museums and Galleries- the public museums and galleries in the area usually have special events and collections. Many celebrate the rich history and growth of the state from its early conception to the modern advances and historical advances that have been made. Some even feature educational events surrounding the thing drawing most to the state on this day – the cannabis plant.

* Block Parties- many local neighborhoods and communities have special block parties and community focused celebrations. It is a time to have fun with friends and neighbors and to embrace the things that make Colorado such a great place to live, from friendly communities, amazing natural beauty, to be one of the few states that have legalized recreational marijuana.

* Food and Drink- you can’t have a party or celebration without great food and drink and Colorado Day is famous for this. From traditional eats and drinks, you can find a plethora of edibles and fun and new ways to enjoy the legal recreational cannabis that can be found in the state now. Restaurants, bars, clubs, and more all offer an array of temptation that you just have to try.

* Recreational Cannabis- and of course if you are so inclined, many choose to celebrate Colorado Day in their own way enjoying the freedom the state provides and partaking in the use of recreational marijuana in the comfort of their own homes. Some businesses give their employees off that day or allow for a half work day so it is easier to enjoy the gift that the state has given.

So if you want to celebrate Colorado Day in style next year and celebrate legal recreational marijuana in the state!