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Life is Better at the Top

Self confessed ‘Chief of all Vaporizers’, the Totem is redefining standards. It may be the new kid on the block, but this high calibre device takes control and pushes all the boundaries. The Totem provides the perfect balance between flavour and temperature,  and its duo hybrid system uses both conduction and convection for precise cooking. Despite it’s fun stackable feature make no mistake, Totem is a serious contender in the vape market. The company have made it unapologetically clear that they intend to be around for a long time. So far, they seem to have the ingredients for success!


  • Interconnectable
  • Water-Resistant
  • Long-Lasting
  • Four Temperature Settings

Technical Information
Vaporizes: Dry Herb
Storage Capacity: ??? (Info not available)
Pre-configured Temperature Levels: 4 Temperature Settings (from 356°F/180°C to 400°F/210°C)
Initial Warm-up Time: Around 30 Seconds
Heating System: Hybrid System, Conduction and Convection
Heating Chamber Material: Stainless Steel
External Material: Super Resilient Silicone Exterior
Battery Capacity: 50 to 60 Minutes
Battery Charging Time: Full Recommended Charge is 110 Minutes
Compatibility with Chargers: USB
Other Functions: Interconnectable with Other Totems
Approximate Dimensions (W x H x D): 3cm x 11.8 x 3cm
Approximate Vaporizer Weight: ??? (Info not available)
Vaporizer Warranty: 1 Year

Perfect Your Flavour

The Totem can guarantee satisfaction through its innovative heating system, the hybrid feature uses both conduction and convection for evenly heated herbs and an exclusive taste. It has four heating setting which provide an impressive range of temperatures, allowing you complete control to reach your desired preference. A simple press of the button will change the Totem’s temperature and this is indicated by brightly coloured LED lights. Purple - 374ºF/190ºC Orange - 392ºF/200ºC Red - 400ºF/210ºC. If you’re after discretion, these can also be switched off.

Built to last, the Totem boosts a battery life up to one hour of continuous use on the highest setting. The device is shock-proof and water-proof so you can chuck it in your pocket, purse, or bag worry free.

Double the Hit

This is the feature that truly sets this product apart. The good people over at Totem wanted to bring us together, and what better way to bond with your vape friends than stackable chambers? Totem Mode allows two or more Totem vaporizers to be connected together to create a hybrid device which allows users to obtain blowbacks. It will let vape lovers experience rocket fuelled rips, perfect for parties and group sharing.

Hybrid Mode A

Remove bottom of Totem A and load the herb chamber, line up and insert Totem B bottom to bottom. The logos should be inverted.

Hybrid Mode B

Fill both the chambers on Totem A and B to create a powerful hit.

Operating Mode

Turn both Totems on. Set Totem A to the lowest heat setting (blue) and Totem B to the highest (red).

Smooth Mode

Remove the herb chamber cap of totem B and connect it to the bottom of Totem A, only fill chamber A to create a longer airway path. Further cooling the vapor before it reaches your mouth.

How It Works

To load your Totem remove the bottom cap and  load your herb into the chamber. Push the bottom cap back on and open the plug for air flow. To turn it on, press and hold the button in for three seconds. The mouthpiece should turn blue to indicate it is heating up to the lowest temperature. Press the button again to change the temperature settings- these will be indicated by changing colours.

Holding the button in for three seconds will turn the Totem off and the recommended charging time is 110 minutes.

Pros and Cons


  • Duo Hybrid Heating System means better flavour
  • Long lasting, shock-proof, and water-proof
  • Unique stackable feature, perfect for sharing


  • The Totem is pretty new so it’s hard it say. So far it looks solid so we are expecting big things from Totem in the future.

What’s in the Box?

1 x Totem Vaporizer

1 x USB Lead

1 x Instruction Manual